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May 14, 2009

I think I was born in the wrong era

Filed under: Sewing — sashyjane @ 12:01 pm

How delicious and adorable is this dress pattern?!

il_430xN.70688719If I had my own team of sewing mice, I would totally make this dress! The pattern would also be darling framed in a sewing room or dressing room.  Hmm…

il_430xN.36763654Why don’t we dress like this anymore?!

I’m now officially weeping at my computer screen.  This does give me an idea though… I’m going to ask Grandmama and Mama if I can have some of their old patterns to frame.  The envelopes are so pretty and if I can’t have the dresses themselves, I can at least look at them everyday.

More loveliness:









* All images from various Etsy sellers



  1. Gorgeous dahling! The sad part is, I bet to make a dress from one of those older patterns it would require doubling out regular dress size…how were people so small back then?!

    Comment by Susie Mae — May 19, 2009 @ 7:17 pm

  2. People did not eat fast food, corn syrup, or maltose – they ate their meals, worked all day, and did not watch TV or use the computer for countless hours. They sewed and kept busy. Some societies also ate one food as a daily staple, which will stunt stature.
    Today, we know why we are taller- animal hormones and steroids. And fatter? Processed foods, ready-t0-eat fast foods, luxury, and sitting.
    Some of the modest vintage styles are beautiful – a little discipline and well-balanced home-cooked meals with work will whip us into these styles! I’m working on loosing some weight just for this very purpose! God Bless!

    Comment by Adrienne — August 21, 2009 @ 5:19 pm

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