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October 10, 2011

For Julie

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I was blessed this weekend with a visit from my dear friend, role model and person I want to be one day, Julie. Julie and three other girls from Augusta ran the Chicago marathon in record time (they blew right past the Kenyans and Ethiopians as if they were standing still) and still managed to have the energy for celebratory drinks and dinner followed by some live jazz at The Green Mill.

Julie, Jen and Kristin post-race. How is it possible to look this good after 26.2 miles? I would look like a wreck after 26.2 feet of running.

During our delicious supper at the Hancock Tower, Julie reminded me that I have a blog.  Whoopsie. I’d completely forgotten all about it.  So even though I have a lot to catch up on and very little internet time with which to do so (I’m currently using McDonald’s WiFi and trying my hardest not to spank every loud, obnoxious brat in the joint. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PARENTS THESE DAYS?!)  I thought I’d just drop a quick post congratulating Julie, Jen, Kristin and Veronica on their huge accomplishment and thanking them (as well as their faithful cheerleaders, Sarah and Sarah) for a lovely visit.

Julie, now you don’t have to look at those 3 boys anymore :)


October 23, 2010

Live in Augusta? Want some stuff?

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In an effort to get organized (and find my fall and winter clothes) I cleaned up my storage unit this afternoon. In doing so, I found some things that I’m willing to part with and instead of hauling them all to Goodwill, I thought I’d offer them up to those of you in the Augusta area.

If you’d like to own any of these items, leave me a comment and we’ll meet up to make it happen. (I’ll remove the item once it’s been spoken for.)

Bowl ThingCompote/Bowl Thing – I got this at Home Goods I believe. It’s the size of a large serving bowl and I’ve used it just for decorative purposes.

LampModern Black Lamp – I got this at Target (noticing a trend?) and I used it in my bedroom for the last few years. It works great and I still think it’s cute but it doesn’t really go with anything else I have.

French Memory BoardYellow Gingham French Memory Board – I can’t remember where I got this but I’ve had it since college. It’s still in good shape but does have a small pen mark on the lower left side.

Empty FrameWooden Frame – Another hand-me-down. It’s just been an empty frame and I’ve never done anything with it. A little bit beat up but that could work with some decor styles. One corner is detached but a little wood glue could have that taken care of in no time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you like any of what you see, leave me a comment and I’ll connect my old things with their new home. Better hurry! There’s one sneaky shopper who just might take it all!

Satisfied Shopper

April 12, 2010

Happenings in Augusta

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Congratulations to Phil Mickelson on his 3rd Green Jacket!! 

In other news, I took a spin through the local Salvation Army this week and uncovered a few treasures.  I found some cute cut-glass dessert bowls, a few candle sticks, some pretty Reader’s Digest condensed books (just for looks), a few “silver” bowls and two side tables. One side table was for me, one was for Susie.

I did have a cheap old tv stand covered with a round table top and hidden by a tablecloth between my sofa and leather chair. It looked like this:   Yuck.  To replace it, I picked up this little gem for only $14.99.

After a good wipe down, a little light sanding, a few coats of spray paint and new hardware, she looks like this:

MUCH better!! The pop of turquoise was just what that room needed. And the doors remind me of a turquoise bracelet.

I haven’t settled on just what to do on top (I think that lamp is a little too big for this table) but you can sort of see the Reader’s Digest books. Maybe someday I’ll get around to recovering Grandmama’s sofa.

Also, I just found these pictures on my camera and realized I’d never blogged about it.  A few weeks ago, Susie, Mama and I hosted an organizing shower (guests brought organizational items) for Susie’s friend Lyndsie who is getting married this month. Her wedding colors are hot pink and lime green (very Lyndsieish) so she’s had hot pink and lime green coming out of her ears. We decided to use those colors but also add in yellow and orange for a citrusy twist.

I ran tulle and various ribbons in our color scheme down the center of the white tablecloth. We kept the serving platters, bowls, etc simple by just using white and cut-glass. The centerpiece was a snap. We just placed one of Mama’s African Violets in the center of a vase and stuffed tulle around it.

 Adorable cupcake papers from here.

 The lovely bride opening her gifts.

After the shower, we put the leftover tulle to good use.

April 8, 2010

A tradition unlike any other

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It’s Master’s Week in Augusta! I don’t really care much for golf but I enjoy the Master’s a great deal.  Why is that, you ask? Because the pimento cheese, cold beer, handsome men, gorgeous scenery and people watching are unrivaled.

Sarah and I went yesterday to the practice round and caught the Par 3 Contest.  What fun! Many of the players had their children serve as their caddies and a few even let them putt. I get the pleasure of joining Lenka Friday afternoon for the actual Tournament as well.

In the past (and I’m sure it’ll be the case this year too) scads of people have followed Tiger Woods around the course and have just been obsessed with him.  I have never been one of those people. Tiger rubbed me the wrong way from the first time we saw him at the National. He’s arrogant, rude and I don’t have any interest in following him around. I much prefer the kind family men who are friendly with the fans and humble and gracious. Men like Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Bernhard Langer. I’m really pulling for Ernie to win this year.

Isn’t Phil just precious? Image from here.

While we were at the National yesterday, Sarah and I did a little bit of preliminary golfer surveillance. I’ve selected a few of the good looking ones to investigate further.

Bill Haas

Age: 27             Status: Single                 Nationality: American

Image from here.

Paul Casey

Age: 32          Status: Single                Nationality: English

Image from here.

Ricky Barnes

Age: 29              Status:  Single                         Nationality: American

Image from here.

Luke Donald

Age: 32              Status: Married               Nationality: English

Image from here.

Sergio Garcia

Age: 30                Status: Single                Nationality: Spanish

Image from here.

Trevor Immelman

Age: 30           Status: Married, one child             Nationality: South African

Image from here.

Dustin Johnson

Age: 25                   Status: Single                         Nationality: American

Image from here.

Robert Karlsson

Age: 40           Status: Married, two children         Nationality: Swedish

Image from here.

Martin Kaymer

Age: 25                    Status:  Single                       Nationality: German

Image from here.

Hunter Mahan

Age: 27           Status: Single            Nationality: American

Image from here.

Graeme McDowell

Age: 30         Status: ?          Nationality: Irish 


Image from here.

John Merrick (make sure you Google “John Merrick Golfer” or you’ll get photos of the Elephant Man)

Age: 28           Status: Married       Nationality: American

Image from here.

Ryan Moore

Age: 27              Status: Single          Nationality: American

Image from here.

Sean O’Hair

Age: 27              Status: Married, two children                           Nationality: American

 Image from here.

Alvaro Quiros

Age: 27              Status: Single              Nationality: Spanish

Image from here.

Charl Schwartzel

Age:  25                   Status:  Single                         Nationality: South African

Image from here.

Adam Scott

Age: 29                   Status: Single                         Nationality: Australian

Image from here.

Nick Watney

Age: 28         Status: Single             Nationality: American

Image from here.  

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