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January 4, 2011

New Chapter

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Remember when Susie and I visited Chicago for a few days in August? Well, we didn’t just go for a fun visit. We were scouting out my future city of residence – I’m moving to the Windy City!

Future Hometown

I’ll finish up my work here in Augusta at the end of January and make the big move from suburban single to city coquette. Just kidding… I’ll be just as prudish in Chicago :) There are some very exciting things in store though.



You can expect obnoxious pictures like this when I'm a City Coquette


Why I’m Going

First and foremost, I’m going to take classes at the famed Second City. I’ve always admired and been in awe of funny television writers and decided about a year ago that I wanted to be one*. After some careful research, I found that the Second City (all of its many parts) has a great reputation for producing some of the industry’s finest comedic minds (Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Steve Carrell, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Chris Farley, Tim Meadows, Mike Meyers, Martin Short, Alan Alda, John Candy, Rick Moranis and about a zillion others) and I decided that Chicago was the place for me.

Secondly, I’m going to have some adventure. I’ve lived my entire life (except for college) on the Savannah River. I was born in Savannah, lived 12 years in Effingham County and another 12 in Augusta. It’s time to spread my wings a bit while I’m untethered by a husband or children**

What I’ll Be Doing

I’ll be working a full-time job – this has yet to pan out because job hunting is no fun and I have not been terribly diligent.

I’ll be renting a tiny studio apartment and learning how to maximize my living space in the interior of a Saltine box. Most of my furniture will stay in Augusta in storage but a few basic pieces will come with me. I’m pretty excited about finding new uses for my things and capitalizing on every square inch.

I’ll be taking classes at night. I’m going to start with just one class a week until I get used to the frigid temperatures and city lifestyle then work my way up to two or more. For more about the training center, click here.

I’ll be selling my car. Parking is super expensive so I was anxious to see what the mass transit was like.We were able to walk and ride the train everywhere we needed to go. I hear the bus system is pretty good too.

I’ll be freezing my sorry tail off. As I mentioned above, I’ve never lived anywhere but Georgia so I will be quite unaccustomed to the single digit winter temperatures and chilling winds. Thankfully, my family stuffed my stocking with long johns, coats, gloves, hats, etc to keep me from ending up like this poor fella.

What This Blog Will Become

As of late, this blog has become a barren wasteland where few dare travel. I strongly intend to use it as a way to keep in touch with family, friends and all of you. I’d like to chronicle my journey here and hopefully share some funny stories of a Southern transplant in the Midwest. (It’s going to take A LOT of getting used to those Chicago accents!)

I’m looking forward to getting started with the next, exciting chapter of my life and I hope you’ll indulge me as I make foolish choices and reckless decisions. Who knows? Maybe I will become a city coquette and hook up with hot guys like this.

* You’re probably looking at the verb tense agreement in this post and shuddering to think about the kind of writer I’ll make. Well, thanks a lot, everybody’s a critic. Why do you think I’m going to take classes?

**This is what I’m telling myself so I can hold on to the notion (delusion?) that I might one day have a husband and children.


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