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February 27, 2011

I have friends!

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My friends Kristal and Yancie came over from St. Louis for a visit this weekend and boy, was I glad to have them! Even though I’ve only been here a week, I’ve gotten a bit lonely for somebody to hang out with.

They drove in Friday night and we caught up a bit and planned their stay.  Saturday morning, we suited up in our winter garb and headed out for a day of sight-seeing. We walked down the Magnificent Mile, got hollered at for taking pictures in the historic water tower (while the security guard watched videos on his iPhone), visited Navy Pier, petted a Shiba Inu, ate burritos, saw several couples skank it up in photo booths, took pictures at the bean in Millenium Park, watched some ice skaters and then took the L to Bucktown where we met Kristal’s college friend, Christian and his wife Carri for supper and drinks at Bluebird.

Chris and Carri are so much fun and it was great to meet some other Southern transplants in Chicago (well, sort of. Chris is from Germany but Carri’s from the South.) Carri tried to take us to a place called The Violet Hour but the line was long and it was cold so we walked on to Wicker Park and had drinks at Small Bar – a cozy sports bar with a wide range of local brews. Worn out from our cold day of walking, we took a cab home and fell fast asleep.

This morning, I woke up extra early to get ready for my orientation at The Second City.  I  haven’t had any really strong emotions regarding my move or starting my classes but I suppose I was subconsciously nervous since I woke up every half hour, panicking that I was late. Thankfully, I arrived in plenty of time for my 10 a.m. orientation before meeting Kristal and  Yancie at the delicious Original Pancake House for brunch.

All of the new students met in the mainstage theater before we broke off into our program groups. There were about 15 of us starting the writing program. At one point, the instructor pointed to me and asked, “who’s your favorite comedian?” I was deciding which boy in the group was the best-looking kind of daydreaming at that point so I was a little startled to see that she was talking to me. I answered, “Miiiine?” in an accent that’s way more country than my normal voice. “Um, probably Steve Martin?” I do love Steve Martin. In fact, I’d marry him tomorrow if he asked but he was literally THE ONLY comedian I could call to mind. Oh well, so much for being cool and on the cutting edge of the comedy scene. I told Kristal when I got home that I sounded so country, people probably expected me to answer, “Well, shucks. I reckon I like them thar comedians on Hee Haw right well.”

I start classes Tuesday and I’m anxious to get going! Here’s hoping I won’t continue to talk like one of the Beverly Hillbillies :)



  1. omg! I feel like I’m with you when I read this! I’m so happy they came over! Can’t wait to hear about your first day–Steve is a good fall back, no worries! I’m probably going to text you right now! :)

    Comment by Kelly Cheek — February 27, 2011 @ 11:02 pm

  2. Hi Sara Jane!!! I’m so excited to hear about school…you’re there right now. The apartment looks so cute, and your mom seems happy with everything. Good luck and have fun!! Hope you get to meet Steve Martin…hahaha. Be sure to keep up this blog so we can keep up with YOU!

    Comment by Toby Holmes — March 1, 2011 @ 8:03 pm

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