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August 10, 2010

Many Restaurants Deliver Until 3 a.m. (Chicago – Days 1-2)

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We’re back from Chicago and I could sleep for another week! What a fun and busy trip! I think I’ll post in snippets. Otherwise, you’d be waiting on a post until the Cubs won a game. (Badumpchee)

We arrived in Chicago’s Midway airport via AirTran (aka the Peasant Express) on Tuesday morning and wasted no time. We took the L train to our first hotel, The Inn of Chicago, took quick showers and set out to explore our surroundings.

E Ohio entrance of the Inn of Chicago
Double room in the Inn of Chicago

We stopped for a yummy lunch at Potbelly where they had this fun vintage wallpaper that happened to match Susie’s shirt perfectly.

Susie models her Potbelly cup

Susie’s necklace is from this Etsy seller.

We ran across the Chicago Tribune building, the Chicago River and the Corn Cob buildings (anybody know their real name?)

The Chicago Tribune
Chicago Skyline
Corn Cob Buildings
Chicago River
More Chicago buildings

 I was completely amazed by the beautiful architecture around the city. I was sort of expecting the city to look industrial and cold but it was absolutely beautiful! I snapped over 400 pictures, many of which are just of buildings.

Susie poses by the Chicago Riverwalk
Bridge over Chicago Waters

We couldn’t pass up the fantastic shopping on the Magnificent Mile! I think our favorite store was Jonathan Adler – every single thing (aside from the boob vase) was ADORABLE! The wallpaper, furniture, rugs, upholstery, accessories lamps and art all killed me!  I only took cell phone pictures there though, I was afraid I’d get in trouble for snapping real pictures.

Jonathan Adler sofa and pillows
Jonathan Adler upholstery
Jonathan Adler giraffe lamp

How adorable would that be in a child’s room?! However, at this price, I wouldn’t trust it to a youngin.

One of the most impressive stores in the Mag Mile area was the Bloomingdale’s Home Store. The four floors of china, crystal, silver, furniture, bedding, towels and rugs are housed in the former Shriner’s building. It’s quite a sight to behold. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of the exterior. This is the only shot I have inside… I was afraid that I’d give up my identity as a shameless tourist if I took any more. Here’s a snapshot of the exterior (not by me).

Ceiling of Bloomingdale's Home

However, I was not too ashamed to take a picture of the carrera marble changing table and sink in the Bloomies’ bathroom.

Marble Changing Table at Bloomingdale's Home

After we’d tired of shopping, we headed back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes before hopping on the L to Old Town. We had tickets to the Second City e.t.c.’s “The Absolute Best Friggin Time of Your Life.”  We got great seats – 3rd row- and the show was pretty hilarious. Warning: this show is not for the faint of heart, easily offended or extremely conservative, click here for a review.

Poster for the Revue

Some Second City Alums

The e.t.c. Stage

After the show, we took a cab back to the hotel and got some much needed sleep.

Wednesday met us with some light rain as we headed towards the Navy Pier and Lake Michigan.  The shower provided us with some pretty light for pictures around the lake and pier.

Park beside Lake Michigan

Navy Pier

Lighthouse and ship in the mist

Navy Pier

Navy Pier

Susie at Navy Pier

Navy Pier

Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

The city from Navy Pier

Chicago from Navy Pier

After we exhausted our photo opps at Navy Pier, we walked to Macy’s.

Chicago River on the way to Macy's

The Chicago Theatre

Macy’s was overwhelming to say the least. You could take the Macy’s in the Augusta Mall, lay the top floor beside the bottom floor and multiply it by 9. This picture of the entrance barely does it justice. You could spend an entire day in that store and still not see every piece of merchandise!

Macy's foyer

We stopped for lunch and Susie got a Chicago Hot Dog. I was not really in the mood so I didn’t try the city’s classic treat. I hear that it was my loss. The rain had picked up a little at this point so we took a cab to the Sears Tower in the hopes of recreating the scene from Ferris Bueller. Sadly, the SkyDeck visibility was at zero due to the rain so we didn’t get any cool city-wide pictures.

Exterior of the Sears Tower

Moving sculptures in the Sears (Willis) Tower

Sculptures in the Sears (Willis) Tower

At this point, our feet hurt, we were tired, crabby and damp so we took the train back to the hotel to shower, rest and change clothes for supper.

Just a block and a half from our hotel sat the delicious Volare restaurant. Susie and I enjoyed arguably the best meal of our trip. She had the gnocchi with fresh pesto and I had a delicious risotto with mushrooms, peas and sausage. The salad and bread we enjoyed just before the meal were a treat in and of themselves but the main courses were absolutely delicious! Our authentically Italian server was so sweet and helpful and convinced us to take a chocolate marjolaine (crunchy chocolate meringue layers with white toblerone – Swiss chocolate- mousse) to go.

With full tummies and tired feet, we slept another full night to rest up for the next day’s activities…

Days 3 and 4 coming soon.


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