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June 14, 2010

Genesis 2:18

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Jonathan is the first grandkid on our side to get married; he’s also the only boy.  I’m sure Thanksgiving, Christmas and Master’s weren’t much fun for him as a child: Lauren and I would always buddy up and Susie would play with us between naps and when Brittany came along, it was fun to play house with a real baby. But poor Jonathan had to entertain himself.  With no boy cousins, he had to either make conversation with the adults or find something boyish to do.

As a child, I remember being terrified of Jonathan. On one particular visit to Grandmama and Papa Dan’s house, he found a whip in the toy closet and chased me and Lauren with it. We sought retreat in the blue bedroom and waited in fear for him to go away. He was so different from the boys I played with at home, they could all be bossed around. Jonathan would skulk around the house with his poufy Dwight Shrutesque haircut showing off his card and magic tricks. I didn’t understand him.

It wasn’t until we were much older that I began to appreciate Jonathan’s heart and sense of humor. I actually began to look forward to spending time with the whole Morgan family. It’s been incredible to see Jonathan morph from a rambunctious boy into a Godly man over the last 2+ decades and it was a complete honor to bear witness to his wedding on Saturday to Meagan.

Jonathan’s face was the happiest one I’ve ever witnessed on a groom as Meagan made her way down the aisle. He was grinning from ear to ear and it was impossible to contain his joy. I am so thankful that such a Godly, beautiful and kindhearted person has made my beloved cousin so happy! Now he won’t have to entertain himself at family functions – he finally has somebody to play with! :)

As was evident by the mini speeches at their rehearsal dinner, these two are perfectly suited for one another. Each one complements the other in every possible way. What a testament to God’s faithfulness and perfect plan! Their wedding was beautiful and so worshipful and I’m so excited to see God’s plan further revealed for their lives!

*I’m no Annie Leibovitz so please pardon my pictures.


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