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March 15, 2010

Touch me, Turn me on, Burn me down

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It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for good (authentic) country music and lonesome sounding bluegrass. To feed that need, Mama and I had the pleasure of enjoying the music of Mr. Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives Friday night.  It was incredible, to say the least.

The show started by three gentlemen gracing the stage. Handsome Harry Stinson was on drums looking an awful lot like Paul McCartney.  He was wearing blue jeans, brown suede cowboy boots, a black button down shirt, pale blue blazer and a long chain with a cross hanging from it. Pretty much what he’s seen wearing here:

Handsome Harry’s high harmonies (say that five times fast) really rounded out the sound.  He sang “Working on a Building” and you could have sworn it was Del McCoury up there.

On the electric and upright bass, there was the Apostle Paul Martin with the thousand-watt smile.  Paul was wearing a black button down complete with rhinestone-embellished white scarf, black jeans, fushia jacket and some of the shiniest white patent leather cowboy boots you’ve ever seen.

Rounding out the trio, was Cousin Kenny Vaughn, who is quite possibly the love child of Iola Boylen from Mama’s Family and Big Bird (I also think Kenny is what Gillian Welch & David Rawlings’ kids could look like.)  Cousin Kenny’s legs were longer and skinnier than any runway model’s yet his black peg-leg jeans were seemingly painted on.  Mama commented that she couldn’t take her eyes of those little twiggy legs. His sequin-studded cowboy shirt and peach neckerchief were only upstaged by his lime green patent leather cowboy boots. 

But the unquestionable star of the show was Mr. Marty Stuart himself.  Respelendent with his gravity-defying lavendar hair, tanned skin, sequined jacket, black button down, silver belt that had to have come from Chico’s, high-heeled boots and painted on jeans, Marty managed to outshine his sparkly wardrobe by rendering fantastic country, bluegrass and gospel music.

They played a few favorites like The Whiskey Ain’t Workin Anymore, This One’s Gonna Hurt You, Hillbilly Rock and Tempted, a few from their gospel album, a few classic country favorites and left me in a puddle of amazement when they picked out Long Black Veil and In the Pines. One of the most exciting moments in the show was when Marty told the crowd that a few members from the Lewis Family were in the audience.  He had them stand up and wave then called Janis up to sing Matthew 24 with the band! I would have flipped out if I was Janis but I suspect she came prepared because her sparkly jacket rivaled Marty’s.

My only complaint was that the crowd kept requesting that he play Johnny Cash songs.  Marty didn’t seem to mind, he and Johnny were friends and next door neighbors, but if I wanted to hear Johnny Cash songs, I’d go to any bar in Nashville. I wanted to hear more Lester Flatt, more Bill Monroe, more Marty Stuart! I really wanted to holler out my request of “Touch Me, Turn Me On and Burn Me Down” but I was afraid it would sound as if I was propositioning the married Marty and that certainly wouldn’t be my intention.

Afterward, Marty & the Superlatives announced they’d greet fans and sell cds, etc in the front lobby.  Mama and I didn’t want to wait in line so we just skulked around the front windows looking into the lobby. Moments later, the glittering band members walked by so closely that we could have touched them (but thought better of it.) Marty is shockingly short.  No wonder he wears his hair so high.

Best quote from the show: “Me and the boys just done something they ain’t done for a long time in Nashville… we made a country music album.” Ha!! Love it.

First three images from here. Marty picture from here.


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