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February 22, 2010

Something close to my heart

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As I’ve mentioned before, we are a rescue dog family.  All of the pets we’ve had {since before I was born even} have been rescues in one respect or another. 

Bailey, a Walker Hound mix was Mama’s adopted pound puppy when she got out of college.

Chipper, a beautiful Springer Spaniel was found wandering the streets in Savannah.

Booger, a goofy looking Lab/Pit Bull mix was found abandoned as a puppy {she and her sister had been dumped out by the railroad tracks where they were found by a friend of ours}

Ginnie, a bird dog mix was rescued from the pound {her owner tearfully turned her over after she learned her landlord would no longer allow pets and was leaving out poisoned dog food}

Tater, part Pit Bull, part Boxer, all lap dog was adopted via Petfinder from a local shelter {she was picked up by animal control after being dumped out somewhere.  She had 7 puppies that evening who were all adopted out in no time}

Weezy, Susie’s new baby was also found via Petfinder.

Rescue dogs are so much fun.  They’re like custom creations with quirky looks and personalities.  All of our dogs have been affectionate, sweet, funny and so loving.  If you’re in the Atlanta Area and would love to add a new sweet member to your family, please consider adopting one of the dogs at Fulton County Animal Services. These sweet babies are looking for good homes and their need is a matter of life and death.  Take a look at their adorable pictures here.

Great Places to Find a Pet

Atlanta Pet Rescue

Fulton County Animal Services


The Animal Control Facilities in your area


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  1. We seriously have had the best pets ever! Every one of those sweet babies has been an absolute blessing! LOVE them all!!!

    Comment by susiemaeday — February 24, 2010 @ 5:25 pm

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