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January 26, 2010

Pacifica Perfume

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You may have seen the little blurb about Pacifica Perfume in the February BH&G. They featured their Tuscan Blood Orange spray and solid perfume.  I’m a sucker for citrus so I had to check out the website.

With scents like Brazilian Mango Grapefruit, Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Malibu Lemon Blossom, Nerola Orange Blossom, Madagascar Spice and Mexican Cocoa, I was practically drooling all over my screen.  Each fragrance and candle is crafted from all natural ingredients.  Here’s what they have to say,

“Brook personally develops all of our fragrances using the highest quality ingredients including essential and natural oils from all over the world to create Pacifica’s proprietary perfume blends.  Pacifica does not support the use of naturals that are threatened or where the harvesting of the plant endangers biodiversity or causes other environmental issues. 

Pacifica’s fragrances are free of petro-chemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, nitro-musks, and benzene.  Pacifica adheres to strict IFRA standards, a self-governing organization that sets safety standards for all natural and non-natural aroma compounds.”

 Founder Brook Harvey-Taylor is one of those cool people who manages to look effortless and together while running a company and mothering her children. Check out her blog here.

I was pleased as punch to discover that their sprays are only $22 and the solid perfumes are only $9! With prices like that, you could afford to buy several fragrances and layer them. I’m expecting my Tuscan Blood Orange spray and Madagascar Spice soap at my door any day now. I think they’ll smell lovely together!


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