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September 14, 2009

Shower, etc.

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Why is it that I get so much more work done after hours? I have probably gotten  more things done in the last half hour than I have all day.  Maybe it’s because the phone isn’t ringing and people aren’t popping over to my desk to ask me to do something “real quick.”  I wonder if they’d let me show up after 5 everyday?

Next topic: Glee.  Have you been watching? I certainly hope so. If not, click here and watch immediately.  It’s adorable and hilarious and so much fun I can’t even stand it. The cheerleading coach kills me.

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  You don’t need to sit in front of your computer checking my blog every half hour anymore… it’s finally here… the shower report.

Everything went so smoothly and everybody seemed to have a great time!

For the occasion, I painted my living room a warm shade of yellow (Valspar Sisal to be exact)

114_1003Please be so kind as to ignore the fingerprint smudges and lack of mat on that print. Thank you.

Then I painted my office area and powder room a beautiful oceanic blue (Valspar Secluded Garden)



And my dear, sweet Mama made a Roman shade for the back door.


Since the shower was on a Friday night, we served slightly heavier fare than we would have normally. It’s nothing fancy.

Emily’s Shower Menu

Pimento Cheese, Curried Chicken Salad and Hot Onion Dip with Crackers


Mini cheese and broccoli quiches

Disgusting Pre-made pinwheel thingies from Sam’s

White Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

Ice water, Sweet tea and Decaf Coffee (we’re not a young as we used to be- regular would have kept us up all night!)

114_0999All the food’s not on the table yet…

114_0997Adorable cupcake papers from here.

Lenka and I gave Emily a very Emilyish apron from here monogrammed with her new initials

114_1001and the darling Martha recipe box she registered for.  Each guest was sent a recipe card and asked to fill it out with one of their favorite recipes so Emily could get her collection started.


Once the guests arrived, we all ate and chatted for a bit.  Then we started on our first activity.  Emily loves hot tea and she particularly likes this recipe for easy hot spiced tea. We set out the ingredients and a large copy of the recipe and had the guests fill their jars (we used pint sized jars so I cut the recipe in half) and then finish them off with some cute fabric and ribbons.



After the guests finished their jars (that was also their favor… I guess that’s kind of cheating that we made them make their own…) we played Wedding Scattergories! Emily loves to play Scattergories and she’s quite good at it so Lenka and I made up a custom version (we just made up wedding and kitchen related topics.) Every age guest enjoyed themselves and there were some hilarious answers.

114_1029 Did I mention that everybody wore their aprons to really get into the kitcheny spirit?

114_1032Emily’s future MIL and her mom concentrating hard…

114_1033Jennifer is always good for a clever answer (she suggested that Emily play “Every Woman” by Whitney Houston as her first dance song)

114_1035Cooking up some unique responses no doubt. Ps. Isn’t my book artwork lovely? Susie painted it for me.

Emily, her sister-in-law Melissa and Melissa’s sister Kelly ended up with the most points and Emily and Kelly took home fun little kitchen gadgets (a vegetable peeler and a mini grater for nuts and spices.)


After opening her fabulous gifts (of which I have no pictures. If it hadn’t been for Lenka, I would have none at all!) we surveyed the aftermath and called it a night.


Oh… one last thing.  I bought a hideous tv armoire from a used furniture store in town and painted it the same color as the walls (the inside is painted the same color as the office/bathroom) and changed out the hardware.  It’s not perfect but I think it turned out quite lovely.  Of course I have no before pictures because I’m just not that patient.





  1. SJ,
    This was the most fun shower ever! I’m sure of it. :) Thanks for the great food, clever activities and well appointed home decor. I loved it all!

    Comment by Emily, The Bride to Be :) — September 14, 2009 @ 9:40 pm

  2. So glad the shower was a success! Everything looks beautiful and definitely like an adult lives there! Can’t wait to see the cabinet completed with its knobs on the drawers too!

    Comment by Susie — September 16, 2009 @ 8:29 am

  3. The shower look like it was a huge success and I loved seeing pictures of your home. Everything looks great!!

    Comment by blue hydrangea — September 16, 2009 @ 8:37 pm

  4. I Love LENKA and i always play her music on my iPod. her music is quite unique *.’

    Comment by Migraine Relief — December 2, 2010 @ 5:13 am

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