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August 24, 2009

In Print

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It’s always exciting to see something I’ve created being used, appreciated and on display.  While picking up my injured sewing machine last week from it’s visit to the hospital, I noticed a poster I created for the Women’s Community Event on display! While Jeff’s Sewing & Vacuum isn’t exactly Times Square, it’s still exciting to see my work in the community.

posterThere are soooo many things I would change about this poster if I could.  For example, there is entirely too much content on there for my liking.  However, when working for someone, you have to compromise for what the client wants… even if it means sacrificing some of the pretty.

I finished some engagement party invitations this weekend for a client and although I loved the general design and original concept, the finished product isn’t something I’m thrilled about.  I had sort of a nautical color scheme going (cream, navy and tan) but the client wanted to surprise the bride by having the invitation done in her wedding colors (eggplant, black and silver.) It didn’t work nearly as well with the overall concept of the invitation but I sort of had to die to self and produce the best product I could with the client’s specifications. Pictures of that later…

PS.  The logos at the bottom aren’t really in white boxes like that.  The poster is printed on cream paper but just to show you sort of how it looks, I put a cream background up.

PPS. Don’t you love that bird on the poster? Susie created it for me! I usually leave any sort of drawing up to her and she never fails!


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