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June 24, 2009

Trinidad- part of the story

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I don’t know when I’ll get enough time to sit down and really write out all I want to tell you about Trinidad but I did want to share a few pictures and a brief recap.

We arrived in Port of Spain, Trinidad on Sunday night and were taken to our compound where we settled in and rested for our first day of clinic.

the compound

Monday morning, we set up a clinic in a nearby community center and I was assigned to work in the eye clinic.  I gave eye exams and fitted patients for glasses.  It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to hand someone a pair of glasses and have them be able to see clearly from them.


Before I left, a friend of mine told me that the people of Trinidad were some of the nicest people he’d ever encountered.  I wasn’t let down.  Truly every person who stepped through that clinic was sweet, gracious and grateful.  I had a blast just talking to them about their lives, their experiences and their families. It’s surprising to learn that Trinidad has an average of 600 murders every year and that kidnapping is a big problem when you meet such kind souls.


Tuesday, I worked in the eye clinic again and quickly learned that it was a popular place! Almost every patient who came through the doors wanted to have their vision screened.


According to my sister, I should have had the flash on while taking these pictures and they wouldn’t have been so blurry.  Hindsight’s 20/20.

Wednesday was a little different, we were at the same clinic site but I was on the Evangelism team.  After the patients had been triaged and treated by a doctor, they were taken out to talk with somebody on the “e-team.”  We sat the patients down and explained why we were doing this clinic- because we love Jesus and Jesus loves people.  Once the Gospel was presented, conversation just flowed naturally and many of the people had great questions and wanted  to investigate further.


Most of the people we talked to were Hindu.  We later learned that the bright, colorful flags in front of many of the houses represented the different dieties they prayed to.


Thursday, we went to a new clinic site and I was back in the eye clinic.


Friday, I was assigned to Children’s ministry where I met these gorgeous children.  I had a really hard time not packing them up in my suitcase!




IMG_0750Nicolai.  This was my absolute favorite child.  He was so sweet, smart, funny and such a little gentleman!


We played Uno…


We played “football”…


We “skipped” rope…


and most importantly, we shared the love of Jesus with these precious children.  (I took pictures of one of us surrounded by children explaining these cute Gospel bracelets but I tragically deleted a day and a half worth of pictures when putting them on my computer.) Thanks to Recuva.com, my pictures were recovered!!!


You can see the bracelet below (Black= sinful hearts, Red= blood of Jesus shed to cover our sins, White= Jesus washed our sins away, Green= we begin to grow and learn about God and how to follow and love Him, Gold= the streets of heaven that we’ll one day walk- the bracelet below is a little out of order… the gold should be after the green)


Saturday, we traveled to the mountains for a hike to the waterfall…


followed by a trip to Maracas Bay for a swim.


There, I bought some souveniers for my family and prayer partners


and soaked up as much of the beautiful scenery as I could.


Sunday, several of us sadly boarded the airplane back to Atlanta and left the rest of the team there to hold more clinics and share Christ with more Trinis this week.

It was an absolutely incredible trip and I couldn’t have asked for any more provision from the Lord.  He provided and protected in more ways that I ever thought possible and I look forward to the rest of the team returning Sunday so I can hear all about what else He was doing in this country full of beauty and sadness.



  1. SJ-
    Glad to know that I am not the only one having a tough time processing/de-briefing my mind about the trip. So much I want to share with people but finding it so hard to put it into words. Enjoyed getting to know new friends like you! Hope that all is well.

    Comment by Paul Thompson — June 25, 2009 @ 1:11 pm

  2. I’m glad you got your pictures back and definitely enjoyed this post. How did you manage to leave without packing up every one of those children?! They are SO cute!

    Comment by Susie Mae — June 25, 2009 @ 3:22 pm

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